Lab Members at Rice University

Lab Members at University of Wisconsin - Madison

Lab Alumni

Premila Priya Samuel. Graduate Student, 2012-2017
Current Position: Postdoc Fellow

Lu Han. Graduate Student, 2012-2016

Fengbin (Jerry) Wang. Graduate Student, 2011-2016
Current Position: Postdoc Fellow - University of Virginia

Hongnan (Conan) Cao. Postdoc, 2011-2016
Current Position: Postdoc Fellow - Baylor College of Medicine

Kate Helmich. Graduate Student, 2010-2015
Current Position: Patent Engineer at Quarles & Brady LLP
Raghu Yennamalli. Postdoc, 2011-2014
Current Position: Assistant Professor - Jaypee University of Information Technology

He Zhang. Graduate Student, 2006-2012
Current Position: Computational and Bioinformatics Scientist - Brooklyn
Michael Daily, Postdoc, 2008-2011
Current Position: Postdoctoral Scientist - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
Ameet Soni, Graduate Student, 2006-2011
Current Position: Assistant Professor - Swarthmore College
Christopher Bianchetti, Graduate Student, 2006-2011
Current Position: Assistant Professor - University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh
Aaron Bryden, Graduate Student, 2005-2011
Current Position: SVP of Software Development and Co-Founder - Praxik
Gregory Cipriano, Graduate Student, 2005-2011
Current Position: Software Engineer - Google
E.Seth Burgie, Postdoc, 2006-2010
Current Position:  Scientist - Washington Unversity St. Louis
Aram Chang, Graduate Student, 2005-2010
Current Position: Postdoc - UCSF
Eduard Bitto, Postdoc, 2004-2008
Current Position: Associate Professor - Georgian Court University
Ryan Bannen, Graduate Student, 2003-2008
Current Position: Roche/NimbleGen - Madison, WI
Dmitry Kondrashov, Postdoc, 2004-2008
Current Position: Senior Lecturer - University of Chicago
Elena Levin, Graduate Student, 2002-2008
Current Position: Postdoc Fellow - Baylor College of Medicine
Jason McCoy, Graduate Student, 2001-2008
Current Position: Postdoc Fellow - Baylor College of Medicine
Roman Aranda, Graduate Student, 2002-2007
Current Position: Research Scientist - Foresnic Science Officer at A-T Solutions
Euiyoung Bae, Graduate Student and Postdoc, 2001-2007, Visiting Professor, 2015
Current Position: Associate Professor - Seoul National University
Byunh Woo Han, Graduate Student, 2002-2006
Current Position: Associate Professor - Seoul National University
David Smith, Postdoc, 2002-2004
Current Position: Scientist - Argonne National Lab
Wei Zhang, Graduate Student, 1998-2003
Current Position: Director of Mitochondrial Biology Center - Baylor College of Medicine
Miquel Teodoro, Graduate Student, 1998-2003
Current Position: Industry position - Bohringer-Mannhein
Angela Criswell, Graduate Student, 1996-2002
Current Position: Vice-President for Life Sciences - Rigaku Corp, Houston TX
Susan Cates, Graduate Student, 1995-2000
Current Position: Assistant Chair of Biosciences Department - Rice University
Zhijun Wu, Postdoc, 1998-2000
Current Position: Professor, Iowa State University
Elaine Liong, Graduate Student, 1994-1999
Current Position: Regulatory Affairs Manager - Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
Michael Wall, Postdoc, 1996-1999
Current Position: Senior Scientist - Los Alamos National Lab
Eric Brucker, Postdoc, 1995-1998
Current Position: Instructor/Director of Technology - Rocky Mountain Lutheran H.S.
Fan Yang, Graduate Student, 1992-1997
Current Position: Scientist - National Cancer Institute 
Eric Hnath, Graduate Student, 1992-1997
Current Position: Instrument Representative - Thermo Fisher Scientific
Michael Berry, Graduate Student, 1991-1996
Current Position: Practicing M.D.
Guangzhou Zou, Postdoc, 1993-1996
Current Position: Senior Scientist 
Frank Whitby, Graduate Student, 1991-1995
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine
James Clarage, Postdoc, 1991-1995
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas
Anand Kolatkar, Graduate Student, 1990-1995
Current Position: Software Engineer and VP Private Firm

Tod Romo. Graduate Student, 1992-1998. Postdoc, 1998-2001.
Current Position: Staff Scientist - University of Rochester Medical Center

Graciela Lubertino-Rame, Postdoc, 1992-1994
Current Position: Chief Air Quality Planner - Houston-Galveston Area Council

Kim Andrews , Postdoc, 1993-1994
Current Position: Director of Information Technology - Baylor College of Medicine

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